with everything within cleaning - is a division of Multi-services AB.

Multi-services AB was founded in January 2019 after having started as a sole proprietorship. The company is domiciled at Kapplöpingsgatan 14 in Helsingborg 25230.

The multi-service specialty is food cleaning, which requires special care and expertise. In addition to food cleaning, Multi-services also undertakes other cleaning tasks such as industrial cleaning, building cleaning – inside and out and dry ice blasting (a gentle and efficient method of cleaning).

Multi-services works for business customers all over Denmark, and all tasks are performed – whether it is small or large tasks – with the greatest professionalism, where quality is paramount.


Multi-service’s biggest vision is to create satisfied customers and employees. This is done by always ensuring that the work we perform at the customer is always in top quality. It is also a goal to grow at the right pace while providing good customer service with a staff that shows willingness to change, loyalty, openness, helpfulness and honesty.

The story:

Multi-services owner Ahmed Abulail is a hard-working entrepreneur who already has many employees with his company – both permanent and temporary. Ahmed Abulail came with his wife Diema and their 2 children to Denmark a few years ago together with many other migrants.

Since the family came to Denmark, the goal has been as soon as possible to become integrated, manage themselves without help from Danish society, and then create a life as an independent, where both spouses are part of their own business. Shortly after arriving in Denmark, Ahmed Abulail was employed by a large cleaning company, where he quickly became team leader and Diema was employed by the municipality. However, the desire to become independent was so great that Ahmed already after a couple of years in Denmark chose to jump out as a business owner with his own cleaning company.

While the company is growing, both Ahmed and Diema are in the process of completing Danish lessons, which for them are so important to participate in in order to be able to speak and understand the Danish language in the best way. Diema is now permanently attached to the company, where she takes care of the office work together with a consultant.